Thursday, May 10

Perilous Journeys

I could talk more about the fridge.

I could explain about the missing (and apparently fictional) screw and the repeat delivery trips to the wrong address; the day our fridge was never loaded onto the truck at all; the endless "I'll-call-you-backs"; the several times managers not only never called back but went home so we could not call them back either; the broken seal; the sagging door (unrelated to the broken seal); the incorrectly attached door (unrelated to either the broken seal or the sagging door but causing its own problems); and our no-doubt legendary status at Lowe's as "Those people about the fridge again"...

But I won't.

To satisfy any residual curiosity, however, I will say that the fourth and -- dare I say it -- final fridge will be delivered today. We have been upgraded to a more expensive and hopefully much higher quality Whirlpool. According to our two friendly delivery guys and a random fridge repair dude, the brand we originally purchased is, in a word, crap. But of course that was only part of the problem.

And there you have it.

I promise more interesting stories involving perilous journeys down into unexplored canyons brimming with mountain lions and treks across stark volcanic landscapes in search of ancient abandoned fortresses shortly. Because hopefully those will be the only things causing me angst in the weeks to come.

And I really hope I don't get eaten by a mountain lion. Because if things finally work out, I will have a functioning fridge to come home to.

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