Friday, May 11

The Season When Car Seats Go Bad

They keep telling us it's going to reach the "century mark" this weekend. This might be it, folks. Midwesterners...East and West Coasters...Wingal...Let the weather-related gloating commence.

Yesterday was in fact a turning point of a sort (besides that it was the day we got our wonderfully sturdy Whirlpool fridge). It was the first day this summer that I got innocently into my car after work, leaned back against the light-colored non-leather seat, and burned a swathe of skin off my back right through my shirt. I guess summer really is officially here.

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Wingal said...

It was in the high 60s in Kalamazoo on Saturday. It was wonderful. Of course, now I'm in the Lou, where it is miserable and I'm referring to my AC unit as "The Little Engine that Could"... because that is what I'm hoping it is... but if it gets much warmer than this, life may suck a bit here. I mean, more than usual.