Saturday, May 12

Save Me, Hyperactive Coffeeman!

There is a redhaired, bearlike, somewhat hyperactive guy named Seth who probably consumes altogether too much caffeine but more importantly operates a little coffee cart/store situated in a narrow alley draped with string lights and green vines in Bisbee, Arizona.

His business isn't that old or that big. He roasts his beans daily and makes deadly amazing chocolate truffles that he will not serve during the summer in Bisbee because it is not truffle season. (He is conscientious.)

If you stop by his little store he will offer you a free shot of espresso that will knock you down and pick you right back up again. He will talk to you about coffee all day long if you ask him to. If you order some of his wonderful coffee in the morning, he will roast the beans himself before shipping them out to you that afternoon.

And if you like coffee and chocolate...why are you still reading this? Go! Go! Go!

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