Monday, July 2

"Hiney", My Ass

So we worked our collective asses off over at my house this weekend. (Sorry, mom, but it was 110 degrees and "hineys" just doesn't quite convey it right.) But the ramada's done and our patio is finally the breezy, shady spot we've always dreamed of since about February.

I love it. Lila and I currently agree that Raphael is, like, totally the coolest. He designed it, found all the good recycled wood, and -- really, who are we kidding -- practically built it on his own. I'm never leaving him. Oh, and thanks again to Eugene, too, for being there for the conception of the whole thing back in April (pregnancy-related pun completely intended). As far as I'm concerned, he's also a catch.

Who doesn't love a good set of makeover pictures? So here they are:

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Wingal said...

FYI: Raphael is DA MAN.

I say, "Latino Love-Toy", my ass... he deserves a much better, far more creative title that I am entirely incapable of coming up with at the present moment. And probably shouldn't come up with anyway as he is not mine to come up with names for. But YOU, Ms. Thing, need to work on giving that man an appropriate name!

I can't wait for you to see me sitting in your shade.

Which, admittedly, sounds kinda kinky...