Monday, August 27

cake and cordials

Someone else had a birthday this past week. (Hint: He has longer hair than the entire length of Jack's body and he is Guatemalan.) Since most of you still seemed stumped...

...okay, it's Raphael.

Yes, THAT Raphael.

If you are one of the two or three folks in North America who up until this point remained blissfully unaware of Raphael's fascination - one might say obsession - with all things Seinfeldian...consider yourself initiated.

And for anyone wondering, I am now his favorite girlfriend.

Gouda and orange cordials all around.

Stacy's not crying into her cordial...she's celebrating.

And I am contemplating the deeper mysteries of the universe, traversing inner territories perhaps better left to the intense mental probings of visionaries, prodigies, and mystics. How did they get all those oranges into that tiny glass?

"Hey baby, maybe later we can go home, slip into something more comfortable, and watch a little Seinfeld, hmmm? Tscnick tscnick (seductive mouth-clicking noises)"

Incidentally, do you know how many good strawberry cake recipes can be found flung out like tiny strawberry seeds of deliciousness among the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of recipes tangled up in the vast, complex filaments of the worldwide web? I'll tell you how many.


No...make that one. And this is it.

Damn you, Guatemalan strawberry cake-related birthday traditions. Damn you.


Homer said...

Cake= yummmmm!!!

Jenny said...

Cake is mainly why I've been lurking on your blog all this time, Homer. (Well, that and your archaeological fabulousness.) I see the tables have been turned...