Monday, August 27

jack's back...for the first time ever


My adorable nephew Jack is apparently very small (and very adorable), but this is NOT HIS ACTUAL SIZE:

Jack is also apparently quite the athlete (and something of a ladies' man), but he is NOT ACTUALLY A FOOTBALL:

Also, contrary to widespread and popular belief, he has NOT BEEN SHOWN TO POSSESS ANTLERS, ABNORMALLY LARGE EARS, OR A PUFFY TAIL. YET.*

*Of course, as is usual in cases of potential jackalope sightings, the only picture is very blurry and appears to show a large, scaley creature emerging ponderously from a lake. As I do not take it as proof of my nephew's true nature, I will not be posting it on the blog.

These are Eugene's pictures, used entirely without permission. Any resemblance to the act of one-handed carrying of a newborn baby around on a football field is purely Eugene's fault.

To our knowledge, no babies were harmed in the posting of this entry.

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