Monday, August 20

weekend blowout

1. I'm an aunt!

Julie and Eugene's son Jackson Edward Chio was born this morning at 6:29. 8 lbs 3 oz. I have no pictures to post, but rest assured he's cuter than you are. He's a button, I tell ya. No antlers or anything.

2. If you haven't gotten your hiney over to Target to purchase your summer sale rainbow star-shaped kiddie pool with the puffy bottom and also stocked up on vodka, lime juice, and Buena Vista Social Club hits? Go. Go now.

3. Raphael started school today. As my friend Grant would say (in a Scottish accent, nacht), "His cranium is HYUGE!" Or will be.

4. Olivia (my cousin), Matt (her husband - of flying rhino fame), Ollie (their poochers), and a monstrously large moth (not related) were here for a couple of nights this weekend, and while we're not entirely sure how they feel about it - other than Mothzilla, who seemed to get along fine - we had a blast. Their presence seemed to cause some weird sort of bendey-time phenomenon, where instead of things taking two hours, they actually took a healthy four and a half. But eggs and bacon at 11:45 A.M. is still technically breakfast, right?

We had a late dinner on Saturday and on Sunday hung out at home for awhile. Made, you know, "breakfast". Had lots of coffee. (At least I did.) And later drove around Barrio Historico downtown so Olivia could shoot the gorgeous paint jobs and stopped to look around El Tiridito, the Wishing Shrine. It was cloudy, but never rained. We had lunch at Gentle Ben's down by the U and crossed the street for a pitcher of IPA at Frog & Firkin. They took off late this morning for distant Eastern parts.

Watch out, Atlanta.

*click on this one to make it larger - there's something about seeing this guy's face that makes me wonder what happened...*

(Olivia took these next two:)

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Wingal said...

Congratulations on your nephew!! Now you'll see why I'm constantly talking about mine... they're wonderful.

Congratulations to Raphael on school!!! As my last advisor used to say, "Cum Omnibus Optimus Piscibus."

"With All the Best Fishes."

And if I got a rainbow pool it would have to go in my livingroom. I have the feeling my landlord won't approve. But I'm jealous. Oh yes. I'm jealous.