Wednesday, September 12

...but nothing's even falling

Fall's on the horizon - or, as we like to say here in the low desert, "somewhere that's not here it's getting cooler which means that little breeze coming through the curtains must be a harbinger of autumn. I'm gonna go buy a squash".

And Fall at my house is when a young woman's fancy turns to (surprise) cooking.

I didn't realize my fancy had turned yet, actually, until about three minutes ago when I found myself standing over the stove, toasting some bread cubes at 7:30 in the morning. On a work day. Because I'm going to take a salad to work and we have no croutons. Oh, and also I was boiling some eggs. Because what's a salad with no eggs? Not a salad, that's what.

Meanwhile, I am also contemplating making up a batch of hearty chili sometime soon here, to take the chill off those +70-degree nights and perhaps (in a stunning move on my part) pairing it with some individually sized pear croustades.


Why oh why can't my job involve more food-related activities? "Okay, guys, we've buried some jugs full of cider and a cherry gallette around here somewhere. Your job is to set up a couple of one by ones and excavate in ten centimeter levels until you find them. You'll get your archaeology certificates and, since the cider should be good and fermented by then, we'll all get nice and sloshed. Nobody tell the Dean."

Gotta go! The croutons are done and they smell delicious. Just in time for work.

Brain Update: Still itchy. Would a tumor cause a person's brain to itch?

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