Thursday, September 13

my brain on t.v.

I'm considering a little T.V. tonight.

Now, if I were me three years ago, this might sound strange. Alarming, even. But you see, I haven't actually turned my T.V. on since the end of May. Not counting last Friday when I was sick, right before my face inexplicably swelled up and I had to go to the Emergency Room and missed the entire second half of some movie in which a homely, overweight girl who inherited a small-town diner from her father makes out in the bathroom with this really leggy, hot, blonde stranger from the big city who is also the lusty yet unrequited love-object of not only the homely girl's brother, but also his best friend (who also happens to have been Homely Girl's number one crush since, like, first grade even though he's clearly a huge jerk)...and...and...and...

...and, mainly, my concern is that I did not get to see how this obviously riveting movie ends and although I refuse to ever actually rent it, I am actually dying to find out how the whole mess got sorted out and if the homely girl got hot. So if anyone knows the movie I'm talking about, comment tout de suite, please.

I forget my point.

Ah, yes. So, except for the sick thing which I don't think counts because never under normal circumstances would I have watched that particular movie, I have not turned on the telly for something like three and a half months.

Except, since Wingal right now is all like "You watched that movie about Beverly Hills girl scouts on the lake in June, girl, don't you no-T.V. me", I'd like to be clear that I'm not counting movies either. If you'll recall, there was a point back in July where everyone and their sister-in-law had to re-watch all the Harry Potter flicks. I am not immune to that kind of pressure. I am not a houseplant, people.

So, to recap: no T.V. (except as it facilitated movies and while I was feverish) for over three months. Not on purpose, mind you. This isn't some sicko personal challenge that I'm making you watch. I just haven't thought about it.

But that's all about to change. Two minutes ago, the Healthy Chinese I ordered for dinner arrived at the door, and all of a sudden I'm feeling rather...sit-commy.

Is this it for Jenny's good T.V. habits? Tune in next time!

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