Saturday, September 15

so done

I'm taking a digital photography class right now.

Well, not this second.

But in order to actually learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, I probably should be in class right now. In fact, I should probably be more or less constantly sitting in class. I should lurk in the bushes outside my teacher's windows attempting to catch a glimpse of him at his computer.

Pardon my language, but...Holy Cow. Photoshop is hard.

My brain - which has momentarily ceased itching and has gotten kind of melty after being in the sun all day long - feels like it's being twisted into knots or French-braided or something. I hope it doesn't freeze that way.


Liv said...

If it makes you feel any better, Matt has been using Photoshop for eight years and he still hasn't figured it out completely (ditto for myself, though I'm even more in the dark than he is).

Jenny said...

I don't think that makes me feel better...!