Sunday, January 27

breakfast on a rainy sunday

Raphael: Do we have cream cheese?

Jenny: Yes.

Raphael: YEYAHYES! Bagels! I love bagels! I love bagels with cream cheese as much as I love Seinfeld! Let me just go ahead here and put a bagel into the toaster and push down on this lever here like this…

(Lights go out.)

Raphael: Crap.

Jenny: Wait a minute, what just happened?

Raphael: Did you turn the space heater on?

Jenny: No. Is the coffee still brewing?

Raphael: No.

Jenny: Are you microwaving something?

Raphael: No. But the fridge just came on…

Jenny: So, wait a minute. Now we can’t make toast when the fridge comes on? I don’t understand. When can we make toast?

What we need to make is a viable electrical system.

(Raphael goes outside to reset the breaker. When he returns...)

Jenny: Mmm, this bacon I'm frying is getting all nice and crunchy and shrivelly, just the way I like it. It will be perfect for my bacon, bagel, egg, tomato, and cheese sandwich. I really, really like bacon.

Raphael: I bet I know someone else who would really like some bacon.

Jenny: Uh, I’m pretty sure the dog should not get bacon.

Lila: The doctor told me to eat bacon.

Jenny: No he didn’t.

Lila: I’m pretty sure.

Jenny: I don’t know. I feel like I would remember that.

Raphael: Yeah, you’re right. It’s not a good idea.

Lila: I’m feeling marginalized.

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