Tuesday, January 15


I now have a full hour for lunch, and sometimes around 11:45 am, I think ambitiously to myself, why, now I have a full hour for lunch during which I will do one of the following in order to increase my value as a human being:

a. learn Spanish
b. read up-to-the-minute articles about archaeology
c. fit in some much-needed exercise

But, so far none of these accomplishments have inserted themselves into my personal time management strategy. So far I have spent my hour-long lunches - which were forced upon me beginning last Wednesday - doing one or several of the following:

1. staring at the calendar trying to make it be Friday
2. staring at a picture of an owl
3. thinking about what to have for dinner
4. thinking of things to Google
5. Googling things
6. paying bills
7. occasionally blogging about it.

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