Tuesday, April 1

the possibility of brain leakage

I'm really so uninspired these days, it's kind of ridiculous. Off the top of my head, here are some of my options for discussion:

1. Uhhhh.

2. Crap.

3. Seriously, it's like my brain leaked out of my ears last night while I was sleeping. Tonight I sleep on my back. Just in case.

4. So...does brain leakage mean I could be a zombie?

5. Now, that might be an interesting matter for discussion.

6. Me. A zombie.

7. Rawrrr.

8. Heh heh heh.


10. Would you know it if you were a zombie? Like, when you look in the bathroom mirror in the morning, would your head look bumpier or would you have a greenish skin cast or something?

11. Would your co-workers notice?

12. Because mine never said a word yesterday. And I definitely felt zombie-ish yesterday as well.


14. Yes, my dog just gave me a VERY STRANGE look. I think she knows.

15. Of course, maybe she's just hungry.

16. Maybe she's a zombie as well.

17. Aren't zombies hungry a lot?

18. I'm hungry a lot.

19. Do zombies like pasta with silky cream sauces and fresh spring vegetables?

20. No. Zombies like brains. I'm not sure about the silky cream sauces.

21. Last night a classmate told me she thinks that, if you learn only a single word in any language, it should be "brain" so that you can then avoid any menu items that include it.

22. Apparently she's not a zombie.

23. But she's smart.

24. And I like a girl with brains.

25. (burp)

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