Wednesday, April 2

dream interpretation

Last night, I dreamed:

that I had a baby. It was not my baby, though. Someone else had pawned it off on me, and I kept forgetting that I had it. This bothered me because I was fond of the baby. It was a nice baby. And I felt bad for it because it obviously needed stability. But I knew I couldn't keep it. I'd have to find a good home for it. I knew this because I lost the baby for awhile. When I finally found it, it was in a giant tupperware on the kitchen counter. The tupperware was full of water. Apparently I had decided that storing a baby in a tupperware full of water was the way to go. I was mainly concerned because I had forgotten to feed it for five days.

Am I reading this right? I obviously don't want a baby. But what I apparently need in my life is a fish. One that I don't actually have to take care of.

So, what is absent in my life is a low-maintenance fish that doesn't require food or attention and can live in tupperware. And I don't know if fish require a lot of stability, but I can't give that to my fish either.

Maybe what I really want is some new tupperware.


Betty said...

Maybe I'm going to send you my baby?? He will be born by next Tuesday at the latest.
If you want an easy fish, I would suggest a Beta. We got one for Jackson for Christmas and it's still alive and you only have to feed it twice/day and then clean the water about once/month.

Jenny said...

Once a month?!? Sounds a little high maintenance to me. Next thing you know, it's going to be asking for steak tartar and it's own personal sailboat.

Jenny said...

P.S. Uh, sending me your newborn may not be the wisest course of action.

Good luck with the birthing - let me know how it comes out (ha ha ha!)