Tuesday, May 27

aliens, mummies, and nazis - oh my!


Was that a four-day weekend that just flashed by and slammed a baseball bat into my mailbox? Causing me to slip into a coma during which I relived my childhood through film clips? And also someone else's childhood? And now I have awakened with tales of alien spaceships and vampires and crazy-ass mummies and, of course, Nazis...and NO ONE BELIEVES ME?

What am I talking about? I don't know. I'm very tired.

This weekend we watched:

Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Lost Boys
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Iron Maiden Live! in concert

I also made lemon chicken. But as far as I know, Ultimate Evil did not rise up howling in an unearthly manner from the smoke caused by the burning of the chicken juices as it did during the course of every other thing I watched this weekend.

When preparing to face Evil at Iron Maiden in Phoenix, it's a good idea to have a Kiltlifter in at least one hand.

Probable Evil - although he's actually kind of cute.
Eddie Hunter arrives on stage. He is scary and lumbering.... are many of the concert-goers.

This is the view we wish we had.

This is the view we had. You can probably actually hear The Guatemalan screaming if you listen hard enough.

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