Tuesday, May 27

nice dish

Jenny: Did you just call me "nasty bitch"?

Raphael: I don't think so.

Jenny: Are you sure? I swear I just heard you say "nasty bitch".

Raphael: I said "nice dish."

Jenny: Oh. Really?

Raphael: Do you want me to call you "nasty bitch"?

Jenny: Yes. No! Of course not.

Raphael: Because I can call you "nasty bitch" if you want me to.

Jenny: No! What? No! I'm not a nasty bitch!

Raphael: Says you.

Jenny: You know, I am trying to heat up your dinner, mister. In this fancy new glass container I just got from Crate and Barrel. On sale.

Raphael: Right. In that nice dish.

(softly whirring microwave sounds)

Jenny: Did you just call me "nice dish"?

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