Saturday, May 31

Why? HaWHYii, that's why!

I'm trying to remember which of the sixteen large, blue, opaque, unlabeled plastic bins in the shop contains my raincoat and umbrella. I'm leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, you see, and I fear that at least once during the next three weeks it will probably rain. In Hawaii. Where I am going to be for the next three weeks.

Yes! You have ascertained correctly that my point is not to tell you I have lost my raincoat (which I have done) or that I last laid eyes on my umbrella more than two years ago (which is true to the best of my knowledge) or that I believe my umbrella is a khaki sort of green color (which I'm pretty sure it used to be), but that I am going to Hawaii.

I'm going for work, not for play, although I hope some play will be involved with the trip. I suspect it will. I'm going with a bunch of graduate students on a field school sort of project (I am supposed to teach them how to map things) (we'll see how that goes), and if you've ever been part of an archaeological field school...well, I'll just bet you have some wild stories.

Wild. Stories. About other people, of course.

Anyway, so that's what I'll be doing for the next three weeks, and I'm pretty sure if I get to post anything at all, it will be short and consist mainly of me boasting about how I'm in Hawaii. Right now. So look for me again in a month when I'm back and have recovered fully from all the fun I absolutely won't be participating in because this time I'm going as responsible staff.

Aha ha ha ha -- uh. I gotta find my raincoat.



sam said...

At least you won't be in a "dry" county. I was given to understand by my archeologist profs, that most digs took place in dry counties and the only thing to pass the time in the evenings was wishing you had some alcohal and smoking illegal substances...

Jen said...

Where in Hawaii are you headed? Seth and I spent a couple of weeks there after we got married and loved it. My favorite was the Big Island, though Maui wasn't too shabby either. ;-) Have fun!