Thursday, June 5


I'm about to eat the best pork I've ever tasted. Partially (as you may recall) because I'm eating it in Hawaii, and partially because it's just really, really delicious. It's also mixed with taro (in Hawaiian, "kalo") leaves from the plants around the house, which is really, really cool. I remember reading about taro in anthropology in college. How many of you have taro growing around your house? Hawaii's awesome.

I'm also totally exhausted, kind of sweaty, and I should probably be doing something constructive. Like picking papayas. Or mangos. Or avocados. Or fragrant frangipani blossoms. From the trees in the backyard. Or having mongoose sightings. Or watching the sun set over the beach from the porch. Or doing my laundry.

Did I mention that I'm in Hawaii?

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