Friday, July 18

zombies peeing in the windows aside...

I have a brilliant work schedule in the summers. I don't work Fridays. In particular this is exciting today, because Christine did something to me last night that involved almost five hours, nearly three bottles of wine, and an entire block of cheese.

But, strangely, I feel fine. Better than fine even, because not only do I have today off, but also the next day, the day after that, the day after that, the day after THAT, and...then I head up to Burro Creek for the second field school of the summer. The one with mountain lions.

So I am entering the Magical Pre-Burro Creek Period of My Summer (MPBCPMS) for which I have many exciting plans (excluding the drinking of additional bottles of wine. Or inviting Christine over again. Of course).

MPBCPMS Day One schedule:

12:00 pm -- Lunch. Maybe there's a crumb of cheese left somewhere in the meat bin.

12:25 pm -- Call Nana. Get answering machine. Refrain from leaving message because blinking light will only confuse and anger Nana.

12:27 pm -- Play in Photoshop with the goal of fully developing creative side once and for all.

2:45 pm -- Celebrate new status as real arteest.

2:48 pm -- Call Nana again. Wonder where she is and what's up with her new hip, never-home-anymore lifestyle. Wonder if she's partying somewhere. Wonder if nursing home where The Captain resides is really front for West Bridgewater's most popular discotheque.

2:50 pm -- Create Burro Creek Necessities list. Include on list "no wine this time".

2:58 pm -- Take Burro Creek Necessities list to Target. Avoid buying wine.

4:15 pm -- Return home, fully prepared for Adventure at Burro Creek.

4:17 pm -- Putz around. Congratulate self on timely completion of Burro Creek-related errands. Congratulate self on new status as arteest. Wash dishes. Tear recipes out of old magazines. Make lime sugar cookies for El Guatemalteco in hopes of winning favor. Throw ball for Dog. Enjoy new, whisper-quiet swamp cooler.

5:15 pm -- Realize swamp cooler is very nice and very quiet, like kitten purring, but house is still pretty hot.

5:20 pm -- Tear off clothes. Immerse overheated self in kiddie pool with glass of wine.

5:23 pm -- Crap. Forgot No More Wine rule.

5:27 pm -- Crap. Forgot to call Nana again.

5:28 pm -- Crap! Forgot to nurture creative side. Already feel withering of arteestic abilities.

5:32 pm -- CRAP! Forgot to put deoderant on Burro Creek Necessities list.

6:15 pm -- Begin schedule for MPBCPMS Day Two: "6:45 a.m. Start over..."

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