Wednesday, July 16

How I am different than your average 22-year-old:

1. I am lame.

2. I'm okay with lame.

3. 89 percent of my friends have produced offspring.

4. Our parties are way lame.

5. But not because of the offspring.

6. I did not grow up on reality tv.

7. Unless you count Nickelodeon.

8. Wine.

9. Socks.

10. 9:00 p.m.

11. I wear sunscreen (lame), long-sleeved shirts (lame-o), and wide-brimmed hats (lame-o-rama) in the field.

12. Which means I am not tan.

13. And that's... Right.

14. Lametastic.

15. Actually, you know what?

16. Our parties aren't lame at all.

17. Unless you're 22.

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