Sunday, July 13


The Guatemalan has lately been making me watch scary zombie movies such as 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and 28 Days Later. Again.

As a result, I have not been able to attend to the blog because I have been spending too much time slamming windows shut on account of how there might be zombies trying to get in and jumping at weird noises such as the coffee maker shutting itself off when it's done making coffee and being fearful of monkeys.

It's ridiculous how scary I find these these two movies. The ironic part is, I'm the one who made Raphael watch 28 Days Later a couple years ago because I knew I didn't want to see it by myself. And now he's getting back at me by going through an unprecedented Scary Movie Phase.

These movies are very good, actually, in spite of being so weirdly terrifying, so if you haven't seen them, don't take my abject fear as a sign that you shouldn't. Just be aware that zombies will start peering* into your windows at night and that you'll look at your boyfriend with a little more suspician and that you'll no longer feel absolutely certain that your parents would never eat you.

Hmm. 28 years later and it turns out I'm still afraid of monsters under the bed.

* When I re-read for spelling errors while writing this, I noticed that instead of "peering" I had typed "peeing". I almost left it like that because it seems to me that it might be an even more horrifying scenario than the one I'm actually worried about.


Melinda said...

I have a weird relationship with "28 Days Later" wherein it completely freaks me out, yet I have seen it at least three times. Multiple viewings do seem to desensitize one to its horrors, though – now I kind of want my very own rage monkey.

Jen said...

This now explains your facebook status update the other day! (I was wondering why you had zombies on the brain...not literally, of course! ;-) )