Tuesday, October 28

a coupla apples aday

The whole calorie-counting thing is going well. My inner nutritionist seems pleased by the spike in nutrients provided by all the apples we're suddenly consuming. Pleased and confused.

I've realized that it's not the calorie-counting itself that brings me such joy - it's the new mindfulness with which I've been approaching food. Giant wedge of sour cream apple pie? Or smallish slice? One tablespoon of peanut butter per celery snack, or one tablespoon per five celery snacks? Snickers bar followed by three packages of Skittles or one deliciously sweet Honeycrisp apple? You see how it works? All I have to do is think about my options instead of scarfing down mindlessly.

My inner nutritionist is having a nonstop party these days. With a disco ball and everything. That's not my stomach growling. That's the growl of the bass.

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