Friday, October 10

genoise! dacquoise! fondant! oh my!

For my birthday (yesterday!), my mother gave me "The Cake Bible", and I've spent the last two days perusing it to find the perfect cake to make for my Birthday Small Gathering tomorrow. The process has not been easy, mainly because these are very complicated recipes this woman has decided we, the Average Baker, should be able to make. Genoise! Dacquoise! Fondant! Ganache! And nougatine! What! Is she talking about!

Well, while I don't know what the heck nougatine is, I'm all over the ganache, and the last couple of days have certainly piqued my interest in genoise. Dacquoise is probably a made-up word, but I'm willing to keep reading. And as for fondant...? Ah, yes. Fondaaaannt.

Anyway, I've decided to largely ignore all of these scary words and make the Golden Grand Marnier Cake (pg. 44). I know what all of those things are. Or at least I thought I did - until I read the recipe. The Golden Grand Marnier Cake is actually a sour cream butter cake with orange zest, ground almonds, and bits of bittersweet chocolate all soaked in a Grand Marnier Syrup, and the whole thing finished with a Chocolate Cream Glaze.

I may not be quite ready to a tackle a genoise (what with the whole clarified beurre noisette thing and the entire! cartons! of eggs! required for the recipes), but I've got a couple of Reislings and the appropriate 9-inch fluted tube pan, so I think I'm ready at least for tomorrow.

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Melinda said...

I am trying to think of something clever to say about cakes and bibles and religious experiences with chocolate, but I'm kind of tired. So I will spare you. (My gift! Happy Birthday!)