Wednesday, October 1


Jenny: Ohmigod! I just found this old "Happy Birthday" postcard from Jen and Tyler! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!

Raphael: Cripes. Okay, okay. "Dear Good Jenny Mmmhh,lalablalalammmhm..." Okay. And I see that it's signed "zso zso".

Jenny: What? No, it's not signed "zso zso".

Raphael: It is so. Look.

Jenny: It's signed "ex oh ex oh". You know, "hugs and kisses"?

Raphael: Hugs and who now?

Jenny: Kisses. It's not "zso zso", like that actress or whoever she was. Gabor, or whatever the hell. It's "hugs and kisses."

Raphael: Since when do exes and ohs mean hugs and kisses?

Jenny: Oh, honey, it's just an English thing.

Raphael: Right. I won't fret about it then.


julie said...

Does Raphael really use the word "fret?"

Jenny said...

Only when he has to.