Tuesday, December 23

some advice

When making mulled wine, I would suggest you remember the sugar. Otherwise, you wind up with hot wine with peppercorns floating in it. And nobody asks for seconds of that.

Cookie Party 2008 was a rousing success, I think. Plenty of cookies. Plenty of mulled wine with sugar included. Plenty of Christmas music. Plenty of Christmas lights lighting stuff up. Plenty of totally inappropriate conversation concerning the different names for certain parts of the female anatomy. You know. Classy grown-up stuff like that.

It was a whole lot smaller this year, the Cookie Party was, yet I somehow neglected to take this into account while baking, which means that we have been left with a whole lot more leftover cookies than we typically have to deal with.

I discovered some gems this year. I love these Pecan Sables, and I found these little lemon cookies to have a texture and flavor that grew on me. I didn't sandwich them, as the recipe describes, but I didn't miss the icing. They pop into your mouth with disturbing glittery ease. Disturbing. Glittery. Ease.

So I guess it really doesn't matter if I forget to add sugar to the mulled wine from here on out. I'll just keep the cookies coming. Shouldn't be a problem.

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