Friday, January 23

the chili

What the hell. Here's that white bean chicken chili recipe.

Presumably, as you will note while perusing the recipe, what makes this chili so ravishingly good is the four cups of low-salt chicken broth. No! I'm joking! It's clearly the three cups of half-and-half! Which equals something like 800 grams of fat! Actually, some quick and complex mental calculations suggest that it's more like 90 grams of fat which, divided among 10-12 servings, comes to approximately 9 to 7.5 grams of fat per serving which, come to think of it, isn't actually that bad.

Lila, by the way, is helping me write this by resting her twelve-pound head on the keyboard and dropping hairs and possibly other, more drippy sorts of unmentionables down into the spaces between the keys. Shhh! I think she knows we're talking about chicken.

So 9 grams of fat or whatever, I recommend cutting waaaay back on the half and half and replacing it with chicken broth - or even milk, I suppose, although Lila convinced me to go with the broth by pressing her face heavily on the can opener and causing the extra can of broth to open - oops! I thought it was plenty rich and extremely tasty with only half the half-and-half. Next time - and there will be a next time, so help me God - I'll cut back even more.

So I think you should make this chili while it's still three degrees out or whatever it is over there on the other end of the country. It'll warm you up and make your dog very happy and also drool a lot. Just don't let your dog near your laptop. And if you do use the three cups of half-and-half? Don't eat the whole pot by yourself. You'll be tempted, but you have to be smarter than the chili. Remember, the paramedics can't get up your icy driveway.

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