Thursday, January 22


Good morning! Remember me? Just last night, I said to myself as I drifted into dreamyland, "Just give yourself a blog vacation. Just set a date and commit yourself to posting absolutely nothing until that date. Give yourself a chance to get some new ideas, some new inspiration, a new voice."

I'm not going to do that, however. I'm probably going to just carry on for awhile with this painful practice of writing uninspired posts every week-and-a-half or so, la de da, whatever whatever, until I get back on my blog-writing feet.

Having a blog is a little strange in that you're not writing for yourself so much as for some nebulous, floaty audience - family, friends, random folks from states I've never heard of, etc. etc. There comes with it this sense of responsibility not unlike the monthly letters to your grandparents that your mom used to make you write. How hard were those? You had nothing of interest to say! These people you were writing to were like fifty years old! What could you possibly have in common with them other than the toys they sent you periodically? Could they possibly be interested in hearing about that disastrous tetherball game? Or the song about the fish and the pig and the star? UGH!

That's what's going on these days. I'm sitting down in front of the computer regularly - yes! - and staring at the screen and thinking, "How could these people possibly be interested in hearing about that white bean chicken chili we had the other night that, when we ate it, caused the sky to crack open and singing angels to appear? Or Lila's new fuzzy squeaker stick toy? UGH!"

Anway, I'm working on it, and the minute I'm inspired again, I'll sit right down and crank out the prettiest, most fascinating blog post you ever read, and it will all totally be worth it for all of us. UGH.

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