Sunday, January 11

welcome ye to 2009!

I'm having trouble with my voice. That's why I haven't been blogging lately. Not my actual voice. My electronic writing voice which has been getting snotty on me. Jerk. Anyway, now that we're almost halfway through 2009, it's probably time to jump back into the blogging game, unloveable voice or not.

So far, for all of 2009, we've had no power in the bathroom, the shop, or the entire back half of the house. It's a long story, involving old wiring, a new light switch plate, and a power drill.

It's all right, as chronic power outages go. For a few days there, the lack of power in combination with the absence of an adequate heat source and the unexpected virus-related near-demise of the computer was somewhat trying. The whole effect was that we were suddenly living in Pioneer times, which was kind of fun, hardships aside. We got through with only minor permanent damage - oh prithee pardon me, ye fair gentlefolk, a moment, as I adjust my bonnet...there.

Meanwhile, however, Raphael has performed his magic over the last couple of weeks and suddenly we have a complete bedroom ceiling, functioning (and dimmable!) lights in the kitchen and living room, and we are well on the way to completion of the Home for Orphans in the backyard. No. I'm kidding about the Home for Orphans. We'll eventually build a doghouse back there, though. Probably. If the dog's luck holds longer than the Orphans'.

Anyway, before-and-after pictures coming soon.

The other thing item of potential interest I have for you is this Spinach and Cheese strata recipe. It's pretty darn yummy. Make it. Eat it. Love it. Send me leftovers.

Question: So did anyone get any particularly fabulous gifts this year? A puppy? A baby? A blender? What? What?!?

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Melinda said...

I got an immersion blender, which I'm hoping will also double as a cool robot arm.