Sunday, March 1

i blame my mother

Someone just told me that it sounds like I write some of these here blog posts while I'm high on something.

And it was my mother.

I'm pretty sure I've never heard my mother say the words "high on something" ever before in my life. And what I wonder is, what does it say about what I'm writing here - that I've incited my own mother to tell me I sound like I'm high on something? And, perhaps more importantly, what does it say about you, the reader of things that sound like they are written by somebody who's high on one thing or another? Ha ha! Did you see how I just turned it all around? Now you're the guilty party! So if anything I write ever sounds like it's making sense (or not!) then most likely it's because you've been up to something fishy.

And, no. I am not high on anything right now.

1 comment:

Terry-Lorenzo Family said...

I wonder what your mom would think about my take on the whole Santa thing. Feel free to share it with her if you think it would help you look less, well, high on something.