Tuesday, March 31

quick! run-down!

Must leave for work in eleven minutes! Quick run-down of weekend! Consumed only cake & frittatas & champagne on Sunday! Practically true, yes! Although there was also a crepe in there somewhere (attended Baby Party hosted by French person), and several Newman's Own chocolate cookies ("They have good stuff in there. I'm pretty sure", according to Lisa who provided the cookies). French 75's on the patio on Sunday afternoon with Lisa (chocolate cookie-fame) and Christine (bad influence). Briefly danced with a person named Barbara at gay club (IBT's) (first time at IBT's) (Sunday night, though, so people on dancefloor consisted mainly of me & Christine & person named Barbara. Sparse.) Figured out webcam and talked to nephew Jack who called me "daddy", clearly recognizing me right of the bat as someone smart enough to be an Asian doctor. Makes sense. Became addicted to calorie-counting website called The Daily Plate. Addictive. Like many foods I have now counted the calories of. (OMG, three minutes left!) Discovered delicious recipe for Tacos al Pastor (Counterintuitively, ingredients do not include any clergypeople.) (OMG! One minute!)

Time's up. Any questions?

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