Saturday, April 11

feeling fitty

I've turned over a new leaf. (A basil leaf, to be exact. And there's nothing under there.) Also, I'm doing some things differently around here - and successfully! On top of which, the zucchini is growing like gangbusters! Which is an expression I've never actually used before! And the exclamation points! Wow!

What I'm trying to say is, you're looking at a new Jenny. A Jenny with motivation and zeal for life. A Jenny with plants that are STILL ALIVE and a job that she's grudgingly accepted (after two years) as. You know. Not quittable. A Jenny with citrus trees. A Jenny who feels happy and healthy and successful in many ways. A Jenny who has potential. A Jenny who has a swell boyfriend and a neat (though dusty, and sort of smelly) dog. And also a Jenny who has an extra fitty in her pocket because one of her friends just had sex. So, you know. She's become a gambler of sorts. You can blame her friend. She does. She's supposed to buy shoes with the fitty, but she might just bet on horses. We'll see.

What I'm really trying to say is - you know how life cycles around, and just when you're at your lowest, suddenly things look up and people quit dying unexpectedly and babies start being born and the rain falls in April in Tucson for a change and there's this gigantic triple rainbow when you come out of your office one day and you discover that eating fruit won't kill you and you're all like Life is good? That's me right now. I'm at the high point of the cycle, and I feel like a million dollars. A million and fitty, to be exact.


Wingal said...

I would definitely go with the shoes, yo. Since that's what your friend intended for you to do with it. Yo.

Jenny said...

I don't know if slutty people should get to call the shots around here. Look what happened when Nicole Kidman started making decisions.

Wingal said...

Excuse me? YOU'RE Nicole Kidman and I am Sandra Bullock. Nicole Kidman is the one who wanders off to Arizona and hooks up with the guy with the hot accent; Sandra Bullock is the one with the great hair who ends up with the police officer.

You still rank as the slutty one. And besides, we had a bet! And I diligently paid it off.

Jenny said...

What if I buy shoes and they turn out to be cursed?

Wingal said...

That would be your fault for buying cursed shoes.

And I would like to remind you that this bet was YOUR idea to begin with... so stick to it!!!