Monday, April 13

one mo' mojito & a check for the zucchini

I'm backsliding! It's these darn addictive chocolate caramel cracker things I made last night. And it's also the first mojito of the season, which just jumped into my mouth. Pesky, delicious things.

Zucchini Update: Pretty soon the zucchini will require its own zip code. Pretty soon I'll be able to say: "When my zucchini plant sits around the house, it really sits around the house." Pretty soon, the zucchini plant will be shaking me down for rent. Pretty soon it's going to get all Third-World inner-city super-gang on me and demand I give it money or it'll come after the citrus trees. Or the dog. Or Raphael. Mark my words. It's growing like there's an alien in there or something.

God, it's so pretty and sunny today. Little cooing doves in the trees, little rustling other types of birds making fierce guerilla-style forays down to Lila's water bowl (and Lila's response about the same as you could expect from a beleaguered dictatorial-type government), the shrill barking of the neighborhood pitbulls and the occasional dogfight over on the other side of our wall, and the low kaboom-thump-thumpa as the gangstas behind us arrive home after a long morning of driving around listening to the bass.

I could sit here all afternoon, it's so pretty, with one hand around my mojito and the other plunged deep into a container of chocolate caramel cracker treats, ruining my diet and slacking on my homework all at the same time.

Hmmm. Think I will.


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