Thursday, April 16

come to think of it, don't read this

Dogs are not smart, the old saying goes. Or maybe it's not a saying. Maybe it's just a fact. And maybe it's a little unfair. Maybe dogs are not as smart as we are, would be kinder. Or possibly dogs are sometimes not as smart as we would like them to be. Or maybe my dog is not the brightest bulb in the three-way lamp. How about, I wish my dog would quit trying to catch that damn red rubber ball of hers in midair because this is the second time it's broken one of her teeth in as many months and I am going to be in SO much trouble when her father gets home. Although, I suppose that really says more about the intelligence of her owners than about her own. Blast! Logicked myself into an embarassing corner again.


MR said...

Oh, JJ! Her poor tooth!

I think we are dumber than our dogs. I'm the founding member and president of my chapter.

Jenny said...

Yay! Support! Don't worry. I'm taking the ball away...from both of us.

Wingal said...

Poor Lila. But if you're gonna chip a tooth, at least you should have fun doing it.

Meanwhile, the cat owners of the world become more and more convinced that their animals are plotting against them. And, let's face it... they ARE.