Saturday, April 18

shower signs

I just saw a hair in the shower shaped liked a Jesus fish, and I thought: I'm one of those people who has Jesus fish sightings! Like the people who see the Virgin Mary in fresh produce!

But then the Jesus fish turned into a balloon, like one of the balloons in "99 Luftballons", also known as "99 Red Balloons", although I've never been clear on whether or not luft actually translates as red and suspect that it does not, and I thought: Wow! A hair shaped like a balloon!

Only, then the balloon turned into an and sign. Like this: & . And I thought: Huh! An and sign. Also known as an ampersand!

And then I washed it down the drain. So now, spiritually speaking, I guess I'm back to square one.


Just Another Jenny said...

I wear glass, but not IN the shower... therefore, I don't see much. Never mind hair shapes.

Just Another Jenny said...

glasses even. I hate that I forget to proof read, but I hate it EVEN MORE that you can't edit your own comments.

Jenny said...

Ha ha! The fact that other people can't edit their own comments is the part I like the BEST.

Jenny said...

Actually, "I wear glass" sounds way hipper than "I wear glasses". So from now on, that's how I'm going to say it, too.

Wingal said...

Not to be a geek, but since we've already established that that's what I am... um, the "luft" does not translate to "red." "Luft" means "air." So the term "luftballons" really just indicates that they're helium balloons and float.... as opposed to the ones we blow up with our own air and watch roll pathetically about on the floor.

I need to stop watching "Big Bang Theory." I'm turning into Sheldon.

Just Another Jenny said...

You don't think it will make me sound too fragile?