Sunday, June 14


I understand that many people in this world don't feel compelled to show before and after pictures of their gardens because they at all times fully expect that if they plant stuff, it will not only live but also grow. I'm not those people. So here's the before picture:

And here's the after picture:

It's like benevolent aliens came while I was out of town and snatched up my baby plants and replaced them with giant alien plants that nevertheless produce the expected fruits. I went to look at them the evening I got back and about fell over from shock. There's freakin' jalapenos on those suckers! There were no jalapenos when I left. There's about a billion cherry tomatoes and a ton of big tomatoes. And there's like eight zucchinis. No matter what angle I tried, the zucchinis look...difficult. Okay, phallic. So no pictures of zucchinis. And I made some grievous miscalculations about the size of your average zucchini plant, so no bell peppers either. But here's cherries:
And 'maters:
And the all-important jalapenos which, I can't believe it, are so cute and look just like Safeway jalapenos:


Just Another Jenny said...

I can't believe you would deprive us of the zuchinis.

Jenny said...

Hmmm. It's clear who's thinking about what around here.

And what I mean by that, of course, is that YOU are thinking about ZUCCHINIS. For shame.

Just Another Jenny said...

Well, you were thinking about Zucchinis first.

Jenny said...

Good point.