Sunday, June 14

shark love

We talked to my nearly-two-year-old nephew Jack this afternoon on Skype. You know, with the video picture thingie and everything. It went down like this:

Julie: Jack, say hi to Jenny.

Jack: Ai Yen.

Julie: Say hi to Raphael.

Jack: Ai Yel.

Julie: Jack, look! Jenny has a shark puppet! Say hi to the shark.

Jack: Ai Yark.

Julie: Jack, tell Jenny you love her.

Jack (throws self down on couch): NOOOOOO!

Julie: Tell Raphael you love him.

Jack (sobs heart-breakingly): NOOOOOOOOO!

Julie: Tell the shark you love him.

Jack (smiles): Wuv oo Yark.


julie said...

What a cute baby!

Linda said...

Darn, it's HARD showing emotions at age ten months. Give that adorable child some slack.