Wednesday, August 5

Julie & Julia (& also Jenny)

For reasons obscure, my sister is here! In Tucson. In August. Overall, she's acting fairly normal, if slightly and chronically dehydrated. (Woozily informing me of the color of her urine every couple of hours for example: "It's practically clear!")

We have several goals for the week (all of which were her idea if anyone is interested) including reading twenty-seven books in five days (her goal, not mine, in addition to not being my idea) and cooking several things from Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in a kitchen that features temperatures that soar regularly above 90 degrees in August which when we collected it (the book) from the nice, older hippie-ish guy with the dangly jade earring and the crazy hair at the library desk inspired him to call enthusiastically after us as we exited in triumph: "Master it!" and also to express an interest in smelling our mastering of it from his desk at the library. Which I don't know if that's going to happen but we will certainly see.

Anyway, Raphael has just brought us a consolation Taco Bell Mexican pizza to consume prior to comsuming something French that I can't remember what it's called for dinner on account of Julie having had the idea to open a bottle of prosecco as we made the orange almond cake earlier ths afternoon. We were supposed to have artichokes with butter as an appetizer, but Safeway was fresh out of artichokes, so okay, Taco Bell can be appetizing as well in many ways.

And so in conclusion, I have to go.


julie said...

Jenny is currently wolfing down her half of the Mexican pizza (made by real Mexicans in Tucson) so ignore most of her implied criticism of my brilliant idea.

Jenny said...

I wasn't criticizing. I was only pointing out...things. You know.

Betty said...

What fun! Hope ya'll are having a great sister time!! Did you see the movie? What all are you cooking and reading?

Anonymous said...

"Reasons obscure?" Really? Do you want me to fill you in on all the reasons Julie is visiting solo?