Wednesday, September 16

has this ever happened to you?

The phone rings around 9:00 pm.

Your Brain: Right on! It must be Raphael!

You: Hello!

Phone: Hi Jenny.

Your Brain: OMG, it's LISA!

You: Oh, HIII!

Phone: This is Genna.

Your Brain: Whoa! WHOA!

You: Oh, ha ha! I thought you were somebody else! How are you?

Phone: Actually, I'm stuck in an elevator. Can I have Raphael's phone number?

Fast forward ten minutes

Your Brain: I should call Genna to make sure she was able to reach Raphael.


Phone: Hello?

You: Hi, Genna?

Phone: Yes?

You: This is Jenny, Raphael's...?

Phone: Sure!

Your Brain: Something's not right.

You: Did you get ahold of Raphael?

Phone: ...nooo...

Your Brain: It's a wrong number! Abort! Abort!

Phone: This is Jenna - from Tierra?

Your Brain: OMG! No one around here has seen Jenna from Tierra in two years! Or more!

Fast forward three minutes

You: Wow, okay! Nice talking to you, Jenna! I'd better go see if I can find Genna's number!

Your Brain: Since she's trapped in an elevator and all.

Fast forward seven minutes

Your Brain: Raphael or not, I'm just never picking up the phone again.

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