Sunday, September 27

the rillito bats

Last night, we went to see the bats come out from under the Campbell Ave bridge. My new thing is apparently making videos, so I have made a video of it. The whole thing was less exciting than I had hoped, but it was still very cool. I've heard that the bats often come out in huge clouds, but this did not happen. It's also close to migration time, since it's down into the 60s and all at night, so maybe many of them have left already for warmer climes. Which would have to be on fire to be any warmer than Tucson right now. But hey, I'm no Mexican free-tailed bat, so what do I really know?


Melinda said...

I love the music in this!

MR said...


Linda DeJongh said...

Icould see them, I really could! They looked like small benevolent white spirits rather than the dark and snarly bats I've previously seen (which aren't many).