Saturday, October 17

so lonesome i could cry - or at least make out with my computer a little

Living in Tucson makes for a variety of oxymoronic situations. Preparing basil lemon syrup for cocktails on the patio later in the evening (because it's 98 degrees again) after having purchased the Halloween candy comes to mind. I don't know which way is up anymore, frankly.

In unrelated news, I'm not really that lonesome, although I have been spending WAAAAAY too much time with my computer lately. Not blogging, obviously, but that doesn't make it better.

It's true what they say about architecture students. Once they enter the program, they apparently vaporize. Like vampires when they do that thing where they wrap their cape around themselves and vanish in a puff of smoke, and then a wolf howls and a bat flutters up into the shadows and everyone's all like OMG, did you see that? Did that guy in the cape just disappear, or was that a trick of the light? Do you think the bat is just a coincidence? Am I drunk? What's happening? Or whatever.

Only with architecture students, it's not sunlight they worry about. It's normal, daily routines such as doing the drive-through ATM at the bank or arriving home before three in the morning. If an architecture student is exposed to normal, daily life, he swirls a big sheet of vellum around himself and disappears in a cloud of eraser crumbles. And then, instead of a bat, you see the architecture student himself hunched up real small around his laptop, scurrying back to the safety of his cubicle.

At least that's my impression.

In fact, the architecture people over in Raphael's department told his class that a lot of relationships in which one half of the relationship is an architecture student don't make it through the five year program. I think we'll be okay, but it's true that I am alone a lot these days and that I have turned to the computer for companionship. So far we're just friends, but you know how these things can go.

Here's what I've been up to since Raphael left me for Auto Cad:

I've been looking for plane tickets for the holidays.

I've spent a great deal of time memorizing the Anthropologie website in case I have money ever again.

I've spent probably hours on itunes. I would totally make out with itunes if it were at all possible. If my mother, for example, wants to buy me stuff for Christmas, an itunes gift card is an excellent idea. I'm just saying.

I'm Googling things, of course. I'm Banking. I'm YouTubing.

I'm educating myself by watching old South Park episodes because I never watched South Park the first time around and conversations keep going there for some reason.

I'm Facebooking intermittently. (Although Facebook makes me feel vaguely inadequate. Mainly I get on there and look around for three minutes before panicking at all the conversations I've fallen behind on and the birthdays I've missed and the groups I meant to join and the various applications I've forgotten to manage and then I run away. The guilt is staggering.)

I also check my email every twenty-five minutes, just in case. No one writes to me except the Gap and, for some reason, Walgreens, but I like to make sure. What if Walgreens wants to hang out? I'd sure hate to miss that opportunity.

What I'm NOT doing is blogging, homework, or, in general, anything constructive. I'm also not making out with my computer, but if Raphael doesn't get home in time for dinner tonight, that may change.


erika swain said...

that shit is on fire.

Jenny said...

Crap - you just about made me shoot wine out of my nose.