Wednesday, February 17

sinister muffins

The person-who-leaves-random-food-items-on-our-property has struck again!

I came home the other day to find two apparently homemade walnut-type muffins in a baggie stuck to the security door, obviously left as a warning in the same way that the Chinese mafia presumably leave bags of amputated fingers on people's security doors (or baked into their muffins, maybe) when they want you to stop asking questions.

But I refuse to be intimidated by sinister door muffins. (I'm looking at you, Chinese Mafia.)

And anyway, I think I know who the food-leaver is so I'm about to blow this whole thing wide open. Watch out for falling debris, man, because it's going down. I'm going to march right down the street to my neighbor's house and knock on her door and say, "Hey Amy, how's it going? Did you leave muffins on my door?" And she's either going to answer me politely or she's going to meet me at the door with nunchucks.


Just Another Jenny said...

I need more details in this journal to help me with my science fair project at college.

Could you please tell us the species/ geno type of the muffins (I'm not sciencey, I'm making shit up.)

Jenny said...

Actually, the muffins have recently evolved into lemurs. Global warming, you know.