Wednesday, July 14

doom! doooooom! (and a vegan cookie update)

There's a problem with the vegan chocolate chip cookies which I think are just too wussy for 104 degrees. They came out all spready and soft. I'm going to try baking more of them after they've sat in the fridge overnight in an attempt to counteract the heat. I pulled the flax egg off like a pro, by the way.

It's officially the monsoon season. That's the season that comes right around the Fourth of July when the humidity rises and thunderstorms start building and temperatures rocket up to 104 or 106 or 108 or, if you live in Phoenix, everything probably just bursts into flames is my guess. Mountains catch on fire, sheep are born with two heads, locusts descend in deadly black swarms. That sort of thing.

So as July moves along with still no rain, it gets hotter and hotter and damper and damper and things catch on fire and nobody can sleep because the swamp cooler doesn't work when there's humidity, and you assume you're going to die. You're just going to lie right down and expire unless it rains.

It's not as great a season as, say, autumn.

My point being, I'll try the cookies again tonight.

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