Tuesday, July 13

you're not going to talk about flax eggs and bears again, are you?!

I know, I know. I've been yelled at and slapped around some for going more than a month without blogging. The blog is apparently the only way my family can figure out what I'm up to these days considering my poor telephone skills. "You did what now? You've been out camping in the mountains? You're going vegan? You've grown a third arm? Raphael saw a bear?!?" Only two of those things are actually true. The vegan thing is pure conjecture, and the arm thing is just silly. Although I've got a vegan chocolate cookie recipe I want to make tonight that I'm already planning on adding full-on dairy-filled chocolate chips to. I'd make a horrible vegan, but I admire their baking skills. Anyone who can bake with something called a "flax egg" can, I'm sure, bake circles around me.

And I swear to tell you about the bear later.

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Dr. V (Wingal) said...

You've got an entire cookbook on BACON... If you go vegan, I call dibs.