Tuesday, September 14

drafty in here today...

This is exciting.  This is the day I post several drafts of posts written months ago and never published for reasons I have long since forgotten.  I never "finished" them, but you might not be able to tell, considering that I've also long since bailed on the introduction-main body-conclusion method of writing I was supposed to learn in sixth grade.

They'll show up under today's date but in this most recent post I've published excerpts from each post in order to pique your interest.  If you'd rather read about what I've been doing rather than do whatever it is that you know you ought to be doing, click on the date and it will take you magically to the original post.  What a great historical find these posts are!  I can now piece together what my life was like back in the early spring and summer of 2010!

July 30, 2010:
"..."--and then I looked up and the house was covered by a big, evil shadow and--" Kaboom!! And then lightning! And by the time we got home, the streets were running and the gravel was sodden and we fell asleep to rumbly storm noises and this morning I woke up and the ground was actually damp and so was the laundry I'd hung on the line yesterday afternoon instead of learning Spanish or rescuing my guy from the forest where it's most likely about to snow..."

July 4, 2010:
"...Our camp this year was particularly impressive, as the trend this summer was giant tents, fluffy cots, and comfy air mattresses. Also, three-quarters of the crew were female this year, which was a welcome change from last year which was the Year of Men in Their Twenties. We decided that next year, we need to bedazzle the camp. We're talking disco balls, Christmas lights, rhinestones. Bright sparkly things. A mountain lion gets into camp and she's going to wind up wearing a blinged-out collar..."

June 12, 2010:
"...A 63-pound dog launching herself of off whoever's forehead is most convenient towards the escape route isn't exactly conducive to covert early-morning bathroom-related activity, as you might guess if you have any camping experience at all..."

April 20, 2010:
"...My neighbor Ryan is, first of all, a girl; secondly, around nine or ten; thirdly, cute as a bug (I got that expression from my grandpa); and fourthly, will one day own her own lemonade-making company probably and wind up wealthier than anyone you know and maybe own your soul..."

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