Monday, October 4

playing with soon as possible!

We laid out and poured concrete for the foundation
a few weeks ago.  It was a little on the buried side,
so we had to find it again before we could start.
Here's a picture of Raphael flashing back to 
archaeology just a little bit.  (If you have assumed that
neither one of us has spent much time sweeping dirt
off of other dirt,you have assumed too much.) 

Yesterday, we began in earnest to build our future firepit slash cozy seating area in the back corner of the yard.  We laid a row of blocks that will form a curvy bench from which to enjoy the fire. 

Setting the first row of blocks after evicting hundreds of spiders and at least six lizards from the holes.  

Someday, you might sit around our firepit
and feel a strange tingling sensation. 
Unless you've misjudged the distance
between your toes and the flames, it's
a good bet you're sitting right on the spot where
we carved our initials into the foundation.
Awww!  Sure hope we work out!  Now that
the concrete has dried!

It was Lila's job to make sure the datum stayed
put and hoodlums didn't mess with the hammer.

(They didn't.) 

Here, Raphael and Lila confer about our progress.
It was  Lila's contention that more squeaky balls
should be involved.

(Note squeaky ball in mouth in this picture.  Lila's mouth.)


The "final" product.  Later, when it's not 8 billion degrees out, we'll add two layers of adobe blocks and possibly some decorative tiles.  Then we'll turn our attention to the firepit itself which should be easier, being mostly just a big hole in the ground.


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