Saturday, October 2

camping in the Chiricahuas

This past July, we went camping in the Chiricahua Mountains to get away from the heat.  Hardly anyone else was at our campsite, and it was cool and a little rainy, and I was all ready to move in.  It wasn't feasible, unfortunately.  We ran out of water and beer within three days, and, you know, there was work to think of or whatever.  But we enjoyed our three days, and we saw deer and turkeys (and a bear, some of us), and I tried "baking" brownies in a Dutch oven over the fire (and it totally worked).   And "Chiricahua", in case you're wondering, is pronounced "Cheer-ih-cow-ah". 

Here are some belated pictures.

The Chiricahua Mountains
Apparently concerned that we might forget the important things, Lila packed her ball in the cooler with the beer while we weren't looking.  I swear I did not stage this.

Tent.  Check.  Mountain bike.  Check.  Overstuffed sofa.  Check. 


Spaghetti sauce in the wild!

Bliss is a giant stick...
...and a glass of red wine.

The End.


erika swain said...

Love the pictures!! I miss camping...

Jenny said...

Me too! And it's only been two months!