Sunday, October 17

Smallest Horse! Giant Gator! Giant Pig! AND Monkey Madness!

We went to the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix yesterday with Mandia and Jon who are two of
Raphael's fellow architecture students.  You wouldn't know how much architecture exists
at the State Fair if you didn't go there with architecture students.  I'm all like, "OMG! Baby cows!"
And when I turn around, Raphael, Mandia, and Jon are craning their necks to look at how
the barn is put together. 

Mandia picks out the perfect corn dog.
(Also! There are pickles!)
Awesome chiles that won prizes that I don't think
have anything to do with architecture.  

Raphael struggles with his corn dog.


Behind us:  The Smallest Horse, The Giant Florida Gator,
A Giant Pig, and Monkey Madness.  And look at us - we're oblivious. 
I'm thinking about how cute a goat is.  (Any goat.  All goats.) 
And Raphael's pondering architecture again.

Architecture!  And flower garlands!

Jon and Raphael are really, really cool.  Really.

No architecture here... or IS there?  (Scary muuusiiiic...)
Funnel cake. 
(Mandia is wondering what type of joints they used
to hold the Ferris Wheel together.)  (That's not our kid.)

Raphael and Mandia are thinking hard
about Indian Fry Bread.  Sugar?  Honey?  Beans?
These are not endearments - they're options. 
 (They went with beans.)

Raphael is impressed by the Ferris Wheel. 
("It's no building, but it's damn awesome.")

Mandia's Fair connections got us tickets to see
the B-52s.  (For a few minutes, we could forget about
architecture!)  (But why would we want to?!)

Mandia and I have just seen Morris Day and The Time.
Look at us!  We're stoked!  (Also, I just drank a ten-
dollar margarita from a tap.)

Standing ovation! 
(Jon's not in this picture because he's somewhere
tapping on the struts to get an idea of the
structural integrityof the Coliseum.)


Olivia said...

Great pictures, Jenny! Makes me want to go the State Fair. A State Fair anyway. Probably not the Georgia one. But maybe the NC one. OK, I'm leaving now.

Happy late birthday!

Betty said...

We just went to the Texas State Fair last week. I am not an architecture student, but I always love the architecture at train stations - have you taken them to one of those?

Linda said...

Lights and weirdness and fried foods of ALL sorts. That's a state fair. And if NASCAR figures prominently, and if fried beer (?) is available, then it's the NC State Fair. We have a real good 'un.
Oh, and we have lots of really cute baby goats, too,

Jenny said...

Is fried beer really a thing? We didn't see that anywhere at our fair. We could have bought fried bugs, though.

And Betty, I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the train station because I immediately got an image of me leading the architecture students along (holding hands buddy-style, of course) through a train station. I should totally take them on some field trips.