Friday, January 7

a brief tour of downtown Tucson

We went out for dinner last night to Cafe Poca Cosa, an excellent Mexican restaurant in downtown Tucson where the menu changes daily and they read it to you from a chalkboard and all the entrees are served with an amazingly giant salad of fresh fruits and greens.  I had the Carne Asada de la Diablo - beef with a chipotle cream sauce, and it was fantastic. Afterwards, we went for drinks at Hotel Congress just down the street from the restaurant.  (Everything is just down the street from everything else in our tiny downtown, though, if you want me to be honest about it.  Tucson's kind of adorable that way.) At Congress, we sat at the bar in the lobby and I had a glass of tempranillo.  I don't really have a story here, just pictures of the lobby at Hotel Congress.

A picture of  notorious criminal John Dillinger. 
In January of 1934, he and his gang were on the run from the FBI and the combined forces of several states, having gotten away with a series of  bank robberies.  They were hiding out at Hotel Congress when a fire broke out in the basement and spread up to the third floor where they were staying. Yada yada - their escape from the fire led to their capture by the small-town, podunk Tucson police force which surprised everybody, not least of all Dillinger.
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