Sunday, January 9

mailbox makeover: The Before Pictures!

I still tell people to look for the red mailbox in front of our house even though technically the last time it was red was sometime back in 2008. I forget because it was red when we moved in and that was how I figured out where my house was for the first few weeks. So I still feel like "the people who have the white house with the green porch and the red mailbox."

Our mailbox has been bashed in by hoodlums, no longer latches correctly, and regularly draws official criticism from the US Postal Service via little forms with boxes checked off indicating that it needs to be 1.) at least three feet tall, 2.) not spin around in a wobbly manner on its post when opened, and, 3.) function.

So Raphael's making us a new mailbox...which you will get to see tomorrow!
Mailbox Makeover Part I



Bashed in! 

Still red! 

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