Wednesday, February 16

tell me the season again?

The mesquite finally shed all its leaves this past weekend.  Half of them on Sunday and the rest on Monday, I think it must have been.  Although I never heard the WHOOMPH sound that they presumably made when they fell in one great, heavy clump.

So now it's more or less spring around here.  Feels like spring, anyway, with daytime temperatures in the seventies and a little rain coming in this weekend.  I've already begun craving fresh tomatoes and cantaloupe and feeling that daily spring itch to check every morning on my sad little pots of dead plants in anticipation of bright new growth, so those are good signs that things are moving right along. 

But this mesquite thing feels like a setback.  



Julie said...

Don't let February catch you in it's trap. You know better than that! It will snow again next week!

Jenny said...

Maybe in Ohio, it will. But I was more concerned that it's acting an awful lot like fall around here. I see your computer has finally relinquished some control of your activities?

Sarah and Jim said...

Hey there, I always check your blog too, love your pics and witty comments, I wish I could write like you! I'm bad at leaving comments though but just now that I am there spying on you! Cheers to you and that Guatemalan of yours.